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Download Commodore 64 various ROMS

CategoryCommodore 64 various ROMS
Filesize17 KB
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download ROM for Commodore 64 various

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Files for: Commodore 64 various
1985 crackin ltd-c64-various
1985 mastertronic +2h no-c64-various
1985 mastertronic +3pdh mhi-c64-various

Files for: Atari 2600
Ghostbusters (1985) (activision)-atari-2600
Pitfall! (says 1985) [h1]-atari-2600
River raid iii (1985) (digitel brazil) [!]-atari-2600
Ghostbusters (1985) (activision) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Ghostbusters (1985) (activision) (pal) [a1][!]-atari-2600

Files for: Colecovision
Alcazar the forgotten fortress (1985) (activision)-colecovision

Files for: Intellivision
Championship tennis (1985) (mattel)-intellivision
World cup football (1985) (nice ideas)-intellivision

Files for: MSX-1
Alcazar (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
American truck (1985) (telenet) (j) [a1]-msx1
American truck (1985) (telenet) (j)-msx1
B c's quest (1985) (toshiba emi) (j)-msx1
Back to the future (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Bank panic (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Basic nyuumon 2 (1985) (casio) (j)-msx1
Batten tanuki no daibouken (1985) (tecno soft) (j) [a1]-msx1
Batten tanuki no daibouken (1985) (tecno soft) (j)-msx1
Black onyx 1, the (1985) (ascii) (j)-msx1
Bruce lee (1985) (comptiq) (j)-msx1
C so (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Car fighter (1985) (casio) (j)-msx1
Casio worldopen (1985) (casio) (j)-msx1
Challenge durby (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Champion boulder dash (1985) (comptiq) (j)-msx1
Champion boxing (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Champion pro wrestling (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Champion soccer (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Championship lode runner (1985) (sony) (j)-msx1
Checkers in tantan tanuki (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Choplifter (1985) (sony) (j)-msx1
Computer nyuumon (1985) (casio) (j)-msx1
Cosmo explorer (1985) (sony) (j)-msx1
Courageous perseus (1985) (cosmos) (j)-msx1
Cross blaim (1985) (db soft) (j)-msx1
Crusader (1985) (pony cannon) (j) [a1]-msx1
Crusader (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Daidasso (1985) (carry lab) (j)-msx1
Dam busters, the (1985) (comptiq) (j)-msx1
Disk basic 1 0 (for fs fd351) (1985) (national) (j)-msx1
Doki doki penguin land (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Dragon slayer 1 (1985) (square) (j)-msx1
Eagle fighter (1985) (casio) (j)-msx1
Eggerland mystery (1985) (hal) (j)-msx1
Elevator action (1985) (taito) (j)-msx1
Fairy (1985) (zap) (j)-msx1
Fb 01 voicing program (yrm 56) (1985) (yamaha) (j)-msx1
Final justice (1985) (pony cannon) (j) [a1]-msx1
Final justice (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Flappy limited 85 (1985) (db soft) (j)-msx1
Fm music composer ii (yrm 55) (1985) (yamaha) (j)-msx1
Fm voicing program (yrm 12) (1985) (yamaha) (j)-msx1
Formation z (1985) (jaleco) (j)-msx1
Glider (1985) (zap) (j)-msx1
Gozira kun (1985) (toho) (j) [a1]-msx1
Gozira kun (1985) (toho) (j)-msx1
Gp world (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Grog's revenge (1985) (comptiq) (j)-msx1
Gunjin shogi mars (1985) (toshiba emi) (j)-msx1
Hang on (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Harryfox yki no maoh (1985) (micro cabin) (j)-msx1
Hayabusa moonsweeper (1985) (toshiba emi) (j)-msx1
Heist, the (1985) (comptiq) (j)-msx1
Hisya (1985) (micro cabin) (j)-msx1
Hole in one professional (1985) (hal) (j)-msx1
Hydlide 1 (1985) (t&e soft) (j)-msx1
Hyper rally (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Hyper sports 3 (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Ice world (1985) (casio) (j)-msx1
Iga ninpouten 1 (1985) (casio) (j)-msx1
Janka (1985) (uchudo) (j)-msx1
Jet set willy (1985) (hudson) (j)-msx1
Jisyo data (for fs sr022) (1985) (national) (j)-msx1
Jump (1985) (mass tael) (j)-msx1
Kakikukekon (1985) (casio) (j)-msx1
King's valley 1 (1985) (konami) (j) [a1]-msx1
King's valley 1 (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Kinnikuman (1985) (bandai) (j)-msx1
Konami's boxing (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Konami's game master (1985) (konami) (j) [a1]-msx1
Konami's game master (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Konami's golf (1985) (konami) (j) [a1]-msx1
Konami's golf (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Konami's ping pong (1985) (konami) (j) [a1]-msx1
Konami's ping pong (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Konami's soccer (1985) (konami) (j) [a1]-msx1
Konami's soccer (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Macross (1985) (bothtec) (j)-msx1
Mini golf (1985) (namcot) (j)-msx1
Mopi ranger (1985) (konami) (j) [a1]-msx1
Mopi ranger (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Mr do's wild ride (1985) (nippon columbia) (j)-msx1
Msx audio (hx mu900) (1985) (toshiba) (j)-msx1
Msx bunsetsu henkan jisyo (fs sr022)(1985) (national) (j)-msx1
Msx rugby (1985) (panasoft) (j)-msx1
Msx soccer (1985) (panasoft) (j) [a1]-msx1
Msx soccer (1985) (panasoft) (j)-msx1
Music studio g7 (1985) (sony) (j)-msx1
Nga (1985) (the links) (j)-msx1
Nga ii (1985) (the links) (j)-msx1
Night shade (1985) (jaleco) (j)-msx1
Ningyo densetsu fathom (1985) (toshiba emi) (j)-msx1
Oil's well (1985) (comptiq) (j)-msx1
Othello (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Pachicom (1985) (toshiba emi) (j)-msx1
Payload (1985) (sony) (j)-msx1
Penguin kun wars 1 (1985) (ascii) (j)-msx1
Pinball maker (1985) (nippon columbia) (j)-msx1
Pippols (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Play card system (upa 01) (1985) (yamaha) (j)-msx1
Police story, the (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Pooyan (1985) (hudson) (j)-msx1
Professional mahjong (1985) (chatnoir) (j)-msx1
Protector, the (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Rambo (1985) (pack in video) (j) [a1]-msx1
Rambo (1985) (pack in video) (j)-msx1
Red zone (1985) (yellow horn) (j)-msx1
Renju & ojama dogs (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Road fighter (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Rock'n'bolt (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Scion (1985) (sony) (j)-msx1
Seiken acho (1985) (ascii) (j)-msx1
Shougi (1985) (micro cabin) (j)-msx1
Shougi (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Shougi meijin (1985) (toshiba emi) (j)-msx1
Star blazer (1985) (sony) (j)-msx1
Star force (1985) (hudson) (j)-msx1
Stepper (1985) (ascii) (j)-msx1
Super monitor 1 1 (1985) (emiiru) (j)-msx1
Super monitor 1 2 (1985) (emiiru) (j)-msx1
Super pachinko (1985) (nippon columbia) (j)-msx1
Super soccer (1985) (sony) (j)-msx1
Swing (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Tetsuman (1985) (hal) (j) [a1]-msx1
Tetsuman (1985) (hal) (j)-msx1
Thunder ball (1985) (ascii) (j)-msx1
Volguard (1985) (db soft) (j)-msx1
Warroid (1985) (ascii) (j)-msx1
Yie ar kung fu 1 (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Yie ar kung fu 2 (1985) (konami) (j) [a1]-msx1
Yie ar kung fu 2 (1985) (konami) (j)-msx1
Yokai tanken chima chima (1985) (bothtec) (j)-msx1
Zaxxon (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1
Zexas limited (1985) (db soft) (j)-msx1
Zoom 909 (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1

Files for: MSX-2
Cheese 2 (1985) (nipon electronics) (j)-msx2

Files for: Amstrad CPC
3d boxing (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
3d boxing (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d fight (f) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
3d fight (f) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d grand prix (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
3d grand prix (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d invaders (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d monster chase (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d morpion (f) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d quasars (uk) (1985) [t1]-amstrad-cpc
3d starstrike (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
3d starstrike (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d stunt rider (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
3d stunt rider (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d time trek (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d voice chess (f) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d voice chess (s) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
3d voice chess (s) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
3d voice chess (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
3d voice chess (uk) (1985) [a2]-amstrad-cpc
3d voice chess (uk) (1985) [a3]-amstrad-cpc
3d voice chess (uk) (1985) [t+spa]-amstrad-cpc
3d voice chess (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
5eme axe, le (f) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
5eme axe, le (f) (1985) [a2]-amstrad-cpc
5eme axe, le (f) (1985) [t+eng]-amstrad-cpc
5eme axe, le (f) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
5th axis, the (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Ace of aces (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Ace of aces (uk) (1985) [a2]-amstrad-cpc
Ace of aces (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Affaire vera cruz, l' (f) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Affaire vera cruz, l' (f) (1985) [t+eng]-amstrad-cpc
Affaire vera cruz, l' (f) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Agent 1 (f) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Ahhh (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Ahhh (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Air traffic control heathrow international (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Air traffic control heathrow international (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Airwolf (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Airwolf (uk) (1985) [f1][t1]-amstrad-cpc
Airwolf (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Al strad (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Aladdin's cave (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Aladdin's cave (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Alex higgin's world pool (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Alex higgin's world snooker (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Alex higgin's world snooker (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Alien (uk) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Alien 8 (uk) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Alien 8 (uk) (1985) [a2]-amstrad-cpc
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