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Download Commodore 64 tapes ROMS

CategoryCommodore 64 tapes ROMS
Descriptionshark (e)
Filesize61 KB
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download shark_(e) ROM for Commodore 64 tapes

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Files for: Commodore 64 various
911 tiger shark elite yak-c64-various
911 tiger shark-c64-various
Bionic commando capcom usa +p sharks-c64-various
Bruce lee datasoft +1 sharks-c64-various
Card sharks accolade esi-c64-various
Card sharks accolade-c64-various
Card sharks sharedata-c64-various
Card sharks-c64-various
Card sharks copy2 sharedata-c64-various
Cyberdyne warrior hewson +3 sharks-c64-various
Draconus zeppelin +5 sharks-c64-various
Driller sharks-c64-various
Eliminator hewson +5d sharks-c64-various
Empire firebird sharks-c64-various
Every secons counts domark sharks-c64-various
Flying shark firebird +5hpd no-c64-various
Flying shark taito +4mhp rem-c64-various
Flying shark-c64-various
Hatchet honeymoon free spirit sharks-c64-various
Mayhem in monsterland thalamus +6mp flt+sharks-c64-various
Shark players +13d rem-c64-various
Teenage mutant hero turtles coin op konami mirage aec+excalibur+sharks-c64-various
Xenon melbourne house +2p sharks-c64-various

Files for: BBC micro
Cht shark variouspokes-bbc-micro

Files for: Atari 2600
Shark attack (1982) (apollo)-atari-2600

Files for: Intellivision
Shark! shark! (1982) (mattel) [!]-intellivision
Shark! shark! (1982) (mattel) [a1]-intellivision

Files for: Amstrad CPC
Coin op hits (flying shark & target renegade & slap fight)-amstrad-cpc
Flying shark & gonzalezzzzz (s) [t1] & revolution-amstrad-cpc
Flying shark (uk) (1987) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Flying shark (uk) (1987) [a2]-amstrad-cpc
Flying shark (uk) (1987) [a3]-amstrad-cpc
Flying shark (uk) (1987)-amstrad-cpc
Shark (uk) (1989) [t1]-amstrad-cpc
Shark (uk) (1989)-amstrad-cpc
Sharkey's moll (uk) (1991) [f1]-amstrad-cpc
Sharkey's moll (uk) (1991)-amstrad-cpc

Files for: Commodore 64 tapes
Flying shark (e)-c64-tapes
Shark (e)-c64-tapes

Files for: ZX spectrum
Flyingshark tzx-zx-spectrum

Files for: Apple
Cardsharkiia dsk gz gz
Cardsharkiib dsk gz gz

Files for: Commodore Amiga
Carcharodon white sharks (1991)(demonware)[cr qtx]-amiga
Carcharodon white sharks (1991)(demonware)[cr qtx][a]-amiga
Carcharodon white sharks (1991)(demonware)[cr qtx][t +3 setrox]-amiga
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)-amiga
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)[a]-amiga
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)[t +1 rsi]-amiga
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)[t][b trainer]-amiga
Greg normans shark attack! the ultimate golf simulator (1990)(virgin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Greg normans shark attack! the ultimate golf simulator (1990)(virgin)[cr qtx][a]-amiga
Greg normans shark attack! the ultimate golf simulator (1990)(virgin)[cr qtx][h dawn]-amiga
Sharkeys moll (1991)(zeppelin platinum)[cr csl]-amiga

Files for: Sharp x68000
Alshark (1991)(right stuff)(disk 1 of 5)(system)-x68000
Alshark (1991)(right stuff)(disk 4 of 5)(visual)-x68000
Alshark (1991)(right stuff)(disk 2 of 5)(data)-x68000
Alshark (1991)(right stuff)(disk 3 of 5)(opening)-x68000
Alshark (1991)(right stuff)(disk 2 of 5)(data)[a]-x68000
Alshark (1991)(right stuff)(disk 5 of 5)(ending)-x68000
Hishouzame flying shark (demo) (1991)(kaneko)-x68000
Hishouzame flying shark (1991)(kaneko)[a]-x68000
Hishouzame flying shark (1991)(kaneko)-x68000
Zzz unk hishouzame flying shark (1991)(kaneko)-x68000

Files for: Atari ST
Fl shark rar
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)[h][a2][one disk]-atarist
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)(disk 1 of 2)[cr mac dos][b]-atarist
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)[h][one disk]-atarist
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)[h][one disk] st rar st
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)[cr bladerunners][one disk]-atarist
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)(disk 1 of 2)[cr mac dos][b][a]-atarist
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)[cr bladerunners][one disk] st rar st
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)[cr mac dos](disk 1 of 2)[not complete] st rar st
Flying shark (1988)(firebird)[h][a][one disk]-atarist
Sharkmol rar
Sharks (19xx)(budgie uk)(pd)-atarist

Files for: Commodore 16
Sharkatt [a]-commodore16
Zzz unk (emucamp) (game) shark attack [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) shark attack [prg]-commodore16
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