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Download Commodore 64 tapes ROMS

CategoryCommodore 64 tapes ROMS
Descriptionrace, the (e)
Filesize46 KB
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download race,_the_(e) ROM for Commodore 64 tapes

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Files for: Commodore 64 various
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Files for: BBC micro
Cht crazytracer extralives extrajumps-bbc-micro
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Files for: Atari 2600
Maze (aka slot racers) (1978) (sears) [!]-atari-2600
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Omega race (1983) (cbs electronics)-atari-2600
Omega race dc (2003) (tj) (omega race hack)-atari-2600
Street racer speedway ii (1978) (atari)-atari-2600
Maze (aka slot racers) (1978) (sears) [o1]-atari-2600
Omega race (1983) (cbs electronics) [o1]-atari-2600
Oscar's trash race (1983) (atari) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Slot racers (1978) (atari) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Slot racers (1978) (atari) (pal) [p1][o1][!]-atari-2600
Slot racers (32 in 1) (atari) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Street racer speedway ii (1978) (atari) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Street racer speedway ii (1978) (atari) (pal) [p1][o1][!]-atari-2600
Street racer speedway ii (1978) (atari) [o1]-atari-2600
Time race (goliath) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Time race (rainbow vision) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Time race 2 (funvision) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Dragrace (dragster hack)-atari-2600
Oscar's trash race (1983) (atari) (prototype) (pal)-atari-2600
Omega race js (tj)-atari-2600
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Files for: Atari 5200
5200basic river racer by jeffry johnston (2002) (pd)-atari-5200

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Motocross racer (1984) (xonox) [a1]-colecovision
Motocross racer (1984) (xonox)-colecovision
Omega race (1981 83) (midway)-colecovision

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Car race (1983) (ample) (j)-msx1
Coaster race (1986) (sony) (j)-msx1

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Gekitotsu pennant race (1988) (konami) (j) [a1]-msx2
Gekitotsu pennant race (1988) (konami) (j)-msx2
Gekitotsu pennant race 2 (1989) (konami) (j)-msx2

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Arkanoid construction set (uk) & wacky races (uk) [t1]-amstrad-cpc
Bactron (f) & boy racer & buggy boy-amstrad-cpc
Boy racer (uk) (1987) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Boy racer (uk) (1987)-amstrad-cpc
Comando tracer (s) (1988) [t1]-amstrad-cpc
Comando tracer (s) (1988)-amstrad-cpc
Conrado tracer (s) (1988) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Conrado tracer (s) (1988) [t1]-amstrad-cpc
Conrado tracer (uk) (1988) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Desert fox & stunt car racer-amstrad-cpc
Enduro racer & metro cross & rock'n wrestle-amstrad-cpc
Enduro racer & tarot (f)-amstrad-cpc
Enduro racer (uk) (1987) (disk 1 of 2)-amstrad-cpc
Enduro racer (uk) (1987) (disk 2 of 2)-amstrad-cpc
Enduro racer (uk) (1987) [h1]-amstrad-cpc
Enduro racer (uk) (1987) [h1][a1]-amstrad-cpc
Estimator racer (uk) (19xx)-amstrad-cpc
Future racer (f) (1989)-amstrad-cpc
Impossaball & nigell mansell's gp & space racer (f)-amstrad-cpc
Indoor race (s) (1987) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Indoor race (s) (1987)-amstrad-cpc
Last race, the (uk) (1989) [t1]-amstrad-cpc
Les geants du sport (f) (disk 3 of 4) (bobsleigh & tt racer)-amstrad-cpc
Milk race 87 (uk) (1987) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Milk race 87 (uk) (1987)-amstrad-cpc
Mountain bike racer (uk) (19xx) [h1]-amstrad-cpc
Mountain bike racer (uk) (19xx) [h2]-amstrad-cpc
Race against time sport aid 88 (uk) (1988)-amstrad-cpc
Race, the (uk) (1990) [t+pol]-amstrad-cpc
Race, the (uk) (1990)-amstrad-cpc
Rad ramp racer (uk) (1989) [h1]-amstrad-cpc
Rad ramp racer (uk) (1989) [h2]-amstrad-cpc
Rad ramp racer (uk) (1989)-amstrad-cpc
River race (g) (1987)-amstrad-cpc
Saracen (uk) (1987)-amstrad-cpc
Space racer (f) (1988)-amstrad-cpc
Stunt car racer (uk) (1990)-amstrad-cpc
Stunt car racer extended version (uk) (1990) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Stunt car racer extended version (uk) (1990) [a2]-amstrad-cpc
Stunt car racer extended version (uk) (1990)-amstrad-cpc
Super off road racer & rick dangerous 2-amstrad-cpc
Trace courbe trace c (f) (19xx)-amstrad-cpc
Traceur de fonctions (f) (1988)-amstrad-cpc
Tt racer (uk) (1986) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Tt racer (uk) (1986) [h1]-amstrad-cpc
Tt racer (uk) (1986) [h2]-amstrad-cpc
Tt racer (uk) (1986)-amstrad-cpc
Turbo kart racer (uk) (1990) [h1]-amstrad-cpc
Turbo kart racer (uk) (1990)-amstrad-cpc
Wacky races (uk) (1992)-amstrad-cpc
Zzz unk bangrace-amstrad-cpc
Zzz unk indorace-amstrad-cpc
Zzz unk racees-amstrad-cpc
Zzz unk saracen-amstrad-cpc
Zzz unk tracer-amstrad-cpc

Files for: Commodore 64 cards
[max] radar rat race (j) (v 02) [a]-c64-cardridge
[max] omega race (j) (v 02)-c64-cardridge
Radar rat race (ue)-c64-cardridge
Omega race (ue)-c64-cardridge
Microprose soccer + rick dangerous + stunt car racer (power play) (e)-c64-cardridge
[max] radar rat race (j) (v 02)-c64-cardridge
[max] road race (j) (v 02)-c64-cardridge

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American road race (e)-c64-tapes
Bmx racers (e) (burner)-c64-tapes
Bmx racers (e) (visiload)-c64-tapes
Death race 64 (e)-c64-tapes
Enduro racer (e)-c64-tapes
Great american cross country road race, the (e)-c64-tapes
Horace goes skiing (e)-c64-tapes
Human race, the (e)-c64-tapes
Hungry horace (e)-c64-tapes
Mountain bike racer (e)-c64-tapes
Night racer (e)-c64-tapes
Race, the (e)-c64-tapes
Rad ramp racer (e)-c64-tapes
Star race (e)-c64-tapes
Turbo kart racer (e)-c64-tapes

Files for: Sega Master System
Enduro racer (j)-sms
Enduro racer (ue) [!]-sms
Enduro racer (ue) [b1]-sms
Enduro racer (ue) [t+por]-sms
Pro yakyuu pennant race, the (j) [!]-sms
Safari race (sg 1000)-sms
Zippy race (sg 1000) [!]-sms

Files for: Commodore vic-20
Motocross racer (ju)-vic-20
Omega race (ju)-vic-20
Radar rat race (ju) [a]-vic-20
Radar rat race (ju)-vic-20
Road race (ju) [a2]-vic-20
Road race (ju) [a]-vic-20
Road race (ju)-vic-20
Vic radar rat race (e)-vic-20
Vic radar rat race (ju) [a]-vic-20
Vic radar rat race (ju)-vic-20

Files for: ZX spectrum
Bmxracers tzx-zx-spectrum
Comandotracer dinamic instructions-zx-spectrum
Comandotracer tzx-zx-spectrum
Dirttrackracer tzx-zx-spectrum
Greatspaceracethe tzx-zx-spectrum
Horaceandthespiders 1-zx-spectrum
Horaceandthespiders tzx-zx-spectrum
Horacegoesskiing inlaymisprint-zx-spectrum
Horacegoesskiing tzx-zx-spectrum
Horseraceanalyser 1986-zx-spectrum
Hungryhorace 1-zx-spectrum
Hungryhorace rom-zx-spectrum
Hungryhorace tzx-zx-spectrum
Ivanironmanstewartssuperoffroadracer(tronix) tzx-zx-spectrum
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