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Download Commodore 16 ROMS

CategoryCommodore 16 ROMS
Filesize7 KB
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download ROM for Commodore 16

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Files for: Commodore 64 various
American tag team wrestling zeppelin tsm+legend-c64-various
Arnie zeppelin +1p active-c64-various
Arnie zeppelin +4 unicess-c64-various
Arnie zeppelin +4p 3532-c64-various
Arnie 2 zeppelin +3m active-c64-various
Arnie 2 zeppelin-c64-various
Ball blasta zeppelin-c64-various
Bionic ninja zeppelin +3 ikari+talent-c64-various
Blinkys scary school zeppelin +2p i+t-c64-various
Blinkys scary school zeppelin +2p inc-c64-various
Blinkys scary school zeppelin +8 success-c64-various
Bod squad zeppelin +4m mr fox-c64-various
Carnage zeppelin +8 pride-c64-various
Cash n grab zeppelin +1p inc-c64-various
Championship 3d snooker zeppelin-c64-various
Draconus zeppelin +3h cpx-c64-various
Draconus zeppelin +5 sharks-c64-various
F1 tornado zeppelin +2 scs-c64-various
Fantastic soccer zeppelin p ikari+talent-c64-various
Fantastic soccer zeppelin-c64-various
Fist fighter zeppelin +2 flt-c64-various
Frankenstein zeppelin +4 motiv 8-c64-various
Go kart simulator zeppelin +3p ikari+talent-c64-various
Graeme souness international soccer zeppelin active-c64-various
Graeme souness international soccer zeppelin chr-c64-various
Graeme souness soccer manager zeppelin p empire-c64-various
International ice hockey zeppelin active-c64-various
International tennis zeppelin active-c64-various
Kick box vigilante zeppelin p ikari+talent-c64-various
Match of day zeppelin chr-c64-various
Para academy zeppelin-c64-various
Para assault course zeppelin mayhem-c64-various
Phileas foggs balloons battles zeppelin +3 vagabinds-c64-various
Q10 tankbuster zeppelin +1 nei+legend-c64-various
Rally simulator zeppelin-c64-various
Spaghetti western simulator zeppelin +2 dom-c64-various
Spaghetti western simulator zeppelin +3 transcom-c64-various
Stack up zeppelin +1 tsm-c64-various
Titanic blinky zeppelin +1 tsm+talent-c64-various
World championship squash zeppelin sunrise-c64-various
World cricket zeppelin p avatar-c64-various
Zeppelin william mataga ucs-c64-various
Zeppelin rescue-c64-various
Zybex zeppelin +1 fusion-c64-various
Zybex zeppelin +2 active-c64-various
Zybex zeppelin +6hmp chromance-c64-various
Zybex zeppelin p pentacle-c64-various

Files for: Commodore 64 tapes
Sleepwalker (e) (zeppelin games)-c64-tapes

Files for: ZX spectrum
Championshiprun(zeppelingamesltd) tzx-zx-spectrum
Deathchase3d(zeppelingamesltd) tzx-zx-spectrum
Eddtheduck(zeppelingamesltd) tzx-zx-spectrum
Eddtheduck(zeppelingamesltd) tzx-zx-spectrum-001
Jasper(zeppelingamesltd) tzx-zx-spectrum
Kennydalglishsoccermanager(zeppelingamesltd) tzx-zx-spectrum
Tankduel3d(battle tanksimulator)(zeppelingamesltd) tzx-zx-spectrum

Files for: Commodore Amiga
American tag team wrestling (1992)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Arcade fruit machine (1991)(zeppelin)-amiga
Arcade fruit machine (1991)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Arnie (1992)(zeppelin)-amiga
Arnie (1992)(zeppelin)[cr bst fsn]-amiga
Arnie (1992)(zeppelin)[cr bst fsn][t +4 supplex]-amiga
Arnie 2 (1993)(zeppelin)[cr trsi]-amiga
Arnie 2 (1993)(zeppelin)[cr trsi][a]-amiga
Arnie 2 (1993)(zeppelin)[cr trsi][t +7 thrash]-amiga
Arnie 2 (1993)(zeppelin)[cr trsi][t +9 god]-amiga
Arnie 2 (1993)(zeppelin)[t +15 znt]-amiga
Blinkys scary school (1990)(zeppelin)[cr scx]-amiga
Blinkys scary school (1990)(zeppelin)[cr scx][t +3 fsn]-amiga
Carnage (1992)(zeppelin)[cr ministry]-amiga
Carnage (1992)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Edd the duck 2 back with a quack! (1992)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Edd the duck 2 back with a quack! (1992)(zeppelin)[cr qtx][t +2 dcd]-amiga
F1 tornado (1992)(zeppelin)[cr bst][t +1 bst]-amiga
Fist fighter (1993)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Frankenstein (1992)(zeppelin)-amiga
Frankenstein (1992)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Frankenstein (1992)(zeppelin)[cr qtx][a]-amiga
Frankenstein (1992)(zeppelin)[cr qtx][t +3 god]-amiga
Graeme souness soccer manager (1992)(zeppelin)[cr flt ics]-amiga
International soccer (1993)(zeppelin platinum)[cr hf]-amiga
International tennis (1992)(zeppelin)-amiga
International tennis (1992)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
International tennis (1992)(zeppelin)[cr qtx][h liberty]-amiga
International tennis (1992)(zeppelin)[o]-amiga
International truck racing (1992)(zeppelin)[cr ministry]-amiga
International truck racing (1992)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Jocky wilsons compendium of darts (1993)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Jocky wilsons darts challenge (1988)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Match of the day (1992)(zeppelin)(disk 1 of 2)-amiga
Match of the day (1992)(zeppelin)(disk 1 of 2)[a]-amiga
Match of the day (1992)(zeppelin)(disk 1 of 2)[cr nemesis]-amiga
Match of the day (1992)(zeppelin)(disk 2 of 2)[cr nemesis]-amiga
Peter schmeichel soccer (1994)(zeppelin)[cr csl]-amiga
Premier division (1993)(zeppelin)[h loons]-amiga
Round the bend (1991)(zeppelin)-amiga
Round the bend (1991)(zeppelin)[cr csl]-amiga
Round the bend (1991)(zeppelin)[cr csl][a]-amiga
Santas xmas caper (1992)(zeppelin)-amiga
Santas xmas caper (1992)(zeppelin)[cr ministry]-amiga
Santas xmas caper (1992)(zeppelin)[cr ministry][t +6 atx]-amiga
Santas xmas caper (1992)(zeppelin)[cr trsi]-amiga
Sharkeys moll (1991)(zeppelin platinum)[cr csl]-amiga
Sink or swim (1993)(zeppelin)-amiga
Sink or swim (1993)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Sink or swim (1993)(zeppelin)[cr qtx][a2]-amiga
Sink or swim (1993)(zeppelin)[cr qtx][a]-amiga
Sink or swim (1993)(zeppelin)[cr qtx][h jacknife][t +9 god]-amiga
Sink or swim (1993)(zeppelin)[cr qtx][t +2 2kad]-amiga
Stack up (1991)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Titanic blinky (1991)(zeppelin)[cr csl]-amiga
Titanic blinky (1991)(zeppelin)[cr mst]-amiga
Universal warrior (1993)(zeppelin)[cr qtx]-amiga
Universal warrior (1993)(zeppelin)[cr qtx][t +16 znt]-amiga
Works team rally (1993)(zeppelin)-amiga
Works team rally (1993)(zeppelin)[t +9 dlt][b]-amiga
World cricket (1991)(zeppelin)[cr nemesis]-amiga
World rugby (1992)(zeppelin)[cr agl fsn]-amiga
World rugby (1992)(zeppelin)[cr agl fsn][a]-amiga
World soccer (1990)(zeppelin)-amiga
World soccer (1990)(zeppelin)[a]-amiga
Zeppelin giants of the sky (1996)(ikarion)(de)(disk 1 of 6)-amiga
Zeppelin giants of the sky (1996)(ikarion)(de)(disk 2 of 6)-amiga
Zeppelin giants of the sky (1996)(ikarion)(de)(disk 2 of 6)[a]-amiga
Zeppelin giants of the sky (1996)(ikarion)(de)(disk 3 of 6)-amiga
Zeppelin giants of the sky (1996)(ikarion)(de)(disk 4 of 6)-amiga
Zeppelin giants of the sky (1996)(ikarion)(de)(disk 4 of 6)[a]-amiga
Zeppelin giants of the sky (1996)(ikarion)(de)(disk 5 of 6)-amiga
Zeppelin giants of the sky (1996)(ikarion)(de)(disk 5 of 6)[a]-amiga
Zeppelin giants of the sky (1996)(ikarion)(de)(disk 6 of 6)-amiga
Zeppelin giants of the sky (1996)(ikarion)(de)(disk 6 of 6)[a]-amiga

Files for: Atari ST
Blinkys scary school (1990)(zeppelin)[cr medway boys]-atarist
Arcade trivia quiz (1991)(zeppelin)[cr medway boys]-atarist
Arcade fruit machine (1992)(zeppelin) & big nose (1993)(code masters)[t] [cr replicants]-atarist
Arcade fruit machine (1992)(zeppelin)[cr ics]-atarist
F1 tornado (1992)(zeppelin)[cr quartex]-atarist
Greame souness soccer manager (1992)(zeppelin)[cr quartex]-atarist
Greame souness soccer manager (1992)(zeppelin)[cr quartex][a]-atarist
International truck racing (1992)(zeppelin)[cr elite]-atarist
International truck racing (1992)(zeppelin)[cr elite] st rar st
Match of the day (1992)(zeppelin)(disk 2 of 2)[cr cynix]-atarist
Match of the day (1992)(zeppelin)(disk 1 of 2)[cr cynix]-atarist
Round the bend (1991)(zeppelin)-atarist
Stack up (1991)(zeppelin)[cr elite][a]-atarist
Stack up (1991)(zeppelin)[cr elite]-atarist
World rugby (1992)(zeppelin)[cr cynix][a]-atarist
Works team rally (1993)(zeppelin)[cr cynix]-atarist
World cricket (1991)(zeppelin)-atarist
World rugby (1992)(zeppelin)[cr cynix]-atarist
Works team rally (19xx)(zeppelin games)[cr cynix] st rar st
World cricket (1991)(zeppelin games) st rar st
Zeppelin sound collection (19xx)( )-atarist

Files for: Commodore 16
Led zeppelin-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) zeppelin [prg]-commodore16
abandoned places it came from the abandonware ring