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CategoryCommodore 16 ROMS
Descriptionthe maze
Filesize6 KB
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download ROM for Commodore 16

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Files for: Commodore 64 various
Maze master hes-c64-various

Files for: BBC micro
3dmaze ijk-bbc-micro
Maze superior-bbc-micro
Nightmaremaze blueribbon-bbc-micro
Nightmaremaze mrm-bbc-micro

Files for: Atari 2600
Maze (aka slot racers) (1978) (sears) [!]-atari-2600
Maze craze (1978) (atari)-atari-2600
Maze (aka slot racers) (1978) (sears) [o1]-atari-2600
Maze craze (1978) (atari) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Mind maze (atari) (prototype)-atari-2600
Spider maze (k tel vision)-atari-2600
Maze 003 demo (pd)-atari-2600
Maze demo 1 (pd)-atari-2600
Maze demo 2 (pd)-atari-2600
Moving maze demo (pd)-atari-2600

Files for: Atari 5200
5200basic 3 d maze by jeffry johnston (2002) (pd)-atari-5200

Files for: Intellivision
Maze demo #1 (2000) (jrmz electronics)-intellivision
Maze demo #2 (2000) (jrmz electronics)-intellivision
Scooby doo's maze chase (1983) (mattel)-intellivision
Sdk 1600 maze demo (2002) (joseph zbiciak)-intellivision
Tron maze a tron (1981) (mattel)-intellivision

Files for: MSX-1
Maze of galious, the (1987) (konami) (j)-msx1
Space maze attack (1983) (hal) (j)-msx1

Files for: Amstrad CPC
Atom smasher & tron's laser byke & ghouls & space invader & laserwarp & maze & punchy & ho momie & roland sur le pont & meteores-amstrad-cpc
Cpc gooding (crack intro) maze soft gpa led storm (1993)-amstrad-cpc
Cpc gooding (crack intro) maze soft gpa space crusade (1992)-amstrad-cpc
Mad mazes (uk) (1992)-amstrad-cpc
Maze (f) (1986)-amstrad-cpc
Maze mania (uk) (1989) [f1][t1]-amstrad-cpc
Maze mania (uk) (1989) [h1]-amstrad-cpc
Maze mania (uk) (1989)-amstrad-cpc
Nightmaze (uk) (19xx)-amstrad-cpc
Space maze (uk) (1991) (pd)-amstrad-cpc
Sultan's maze (s) (1984)-amstrad-cpc
Sultan's maze (uk) (1984)-amstrad-cpc

Files for: Commodore 64 cards
Ultrex quadro maze (ue)-c64-cardridge
Turbo maze man (ue)-c64-cardridge
Maze master (ue)-c64-cardridge
Maze man (ue)-c64-cardridge

Files for: Commodore 64 tapes
Mazemania (e)-c64-tapes

Files for: Sega Master System
Fantasy zone 3 the maze (ue) [!]-sms
Fantasy zone 3 the maze (ue) [o1]-sms
Maze hunter 3d (u) [!]-sms
Maze walker (j) [!]-sms

Files for: Commodore vic-20
Amazing maze (jue) [a]-vic-20
Amazing maze (jue)-vic-20
Maze (ju) [a]-vic-20
Maze (ju)-vic-20
Monster maze (jue)-vic-20

Files for: ZX spectrum
A maze tzx-zx-spectrum
A maze-zx-spectrum
Mazechase tzx-zx-spectrum
Mazedeathrace tzx-zx-spectrum
Mazeman tzx-zx-spectrum
Mazeofgold3d tzx-zx-spectrum

Files for: Apple
Ankh crimewave deathmaze5000 starmaze dsk gz gz
Bloodymurder dragonmaze dsk gz gz
Crazeymazey doubletrouble scorpionattack vortex dsk gz gz
Fun house maze dsk gz gz
Laser maze dsk gz gz
Lunar explorer mazecrazeconstructionset dsk gz gz
Mazecrazeconstructionset dsk gz gz
Penquerielmazes dsk gz gz
Star maze dsk gz gz

Files for: Commodore Amiga
Cave maze (1991)(coombe valley)-amiga
Cave maze (1991)(coombe valley)[cr jism]-amiga
My funny maze (1989)(softouch)-amiga
Prospector in the mazes of xor (1989)(logotron)[cr bionic commando]-amiga
Prospector in the mazes of xor (1989)(logotron)[cr bionic commando][a2]-amiga
Prospector in the mazes of xor (1989)(logotron)[cr bionic commando][a]-amiga
Prospector in the mazes of xor (1989)(logotron)[cr wow]-amiga
Prospector in the mazes of xor (1989)(logotron)[cr wow][a2]-amiga
Prospector in the mazes of xor (1989)(logotron)[cr wow][a]-amiga
Prospector in the mazes of xor (1989)(logotron)[cr wow][h spi pbm]-amiga
Prospector in the mazes of xor (1989)(logotron)[incl starray demo]-amiga

Files for: PC-engine
Cratermaze (u) [b1]-pcengine
Cratermaze (u) [h1]-pcengine
Cratermaze (u)-pcengine
Marchen maze (j) [b1]-pc-engine
Marchen maze (j)-pc-engine

Files for: Atari Lynx
C65 mazedemo (1998) (pd) [a1]-atari-lynx
C65 mazedemo (1998) (pd)-atari-lynx

Files for: Sega Game Gear
Arena maze of death 7z

Files for: Sharp x68000
Marchen maze (1991)(sps)(disk 2 of 2)(disk b)[a]-x68000
Marchen maze (1991)(sps)(disk 1 of 2)(disk a)-x68000
Marchen maze (1991)(sps)(disk 2 of 2)(disk b)-x68000
Marchen maze (1991)(sps)(disk 1 of 2)(disk a)[a]-x68000

Files for: Famicom disk system
Yuu maze (1988)(taito corp )(j)[a]-fds
Yuu maze (1988)(taito corp )(j)-fds

Files for: Atari ST
Blues du mycophage, le (19xx)( )(fr) & maze (19xx)(eli, james) & zebuland (beta) (1996 02 01)(opichal, stanislav)(sw)[monochrome]-atarist
Maze, the (1997)(bodo & till)[low res]-atarist
Maze, the (1997)(bodo & till)[monochrome]-atarist
Midi maze editor & maze convertor v1 2 (2000 04 13)(spruck, bjoern)(pd)-atarist

Files for: Fairchild channel F
Maze & jailbreak & blind mans bluff & trailblazer (newer) (1977) (fairchild 10)-fairchild channel f
Maze & jailbreak & blind mans bluff & trailblazer (1977) (fairchild 10)-fairchild channel f

Files for: Vectrex
Vectrex maze by chris salomon (1998) (pd)-vectrex

Files for: Commodore 16
The maze-commodore16
Space maze-commodore16
Super maze-commodore16
Star maze-commodore16
Minefield maze-commodore16
Moving maze-commodore16
Mad maze-commodore16
Maze maniac-commodore16
Maze runner-commodore16
Zzz unk (cclassic dyndns) maze [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (emucamp) (game) mad maze [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) landscape maze [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) 2d maze [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) dragon maze [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) mouse maze [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) music maze [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) monsters in the maze [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) the maze [prg]-commodore16

Files for: Commodore plus 4
2d maze (1984)(melbourne house)(gb)[b]-cplus4
Mad maze (1986)(axel computing)-cplus4
Logomaze (1996)(assassin)(pd)-cplus4
abandoned places it came from the abandonware ring