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Download Commodore 16 ROMS

CategoryCommodore 16 ROMS
Filesize2 KB
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download ROM for Commodore 16

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Files for: Commodore 64 various

Files for: Atari 2600
Othello (1978) (atari)-atari-2600
Othello (1978) (atari) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Othello (1978) (atari picture label) (pal) [a1][!]-atari-2600
Othello (1978) [p1][o1]-atari-2600
Othello (32 in 1) (atari) (pal) [!]-atari-2600
Othello (1978) (atari) (pal) [p1][!]-atari-2600
Othello (1978) [p1]-atari-2600

Files for: Atari 5200
5200basic hello world v brainfck by jeffry johnston (2001) (pd)-atari-5200
5200basic hello world by jeffry johnston (2001) (pd)-atari-5200
Hello there james (1999) (pd)-atari-5200
Hello world by dan boris (1998) (pd)-atari-5200

Files for: Intellivision
Mickey's hello world (1999) (pd)-intellivision
Sdk 1600 hello world (2002) (joseph zbiciak)-intellivision

Files for: MSX-1
Computer othello (1984) (sony) (j)-msx1
Morita kazurou no othello (1986) (toshiba emi) (j)-msx1
Othello (1985) (pony cannon) (j)-msx1

Files for: Amstrad CPC
3d morpion (f) & jet set willy & & othello (f) & sabre wulf-amstrad-cpc
Cpc gooding helloween demo 1 (19xx)-amstrad-cpc
Cpc gooding helloween tru (19xx)-amstrad-cpc
Othello (demo) (uk) (19xx)-amstrad-cpc
Othello (f) (19xx)-amstrad-cpc
Othello master (f) (1985) [a1]-amstrad-cpc
Othello master (f) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Othello reversi (uk,f) (1985)-amstrad-cpc
Zzz unk amthello-amstrad-cpc
Zzz unk amthello -amstrad-cpc
Zzz unk amthello -amstrad-cpc
Zzz unk hellowee-amstrad-cpc

Files for: ZX spectrum
Hello cp-zx-spectrum
Othello tzx-zx-spectrum

Files for: Apple
Go odestaodin pensate reversal superothello dsk gz gz
Othello dsk gz gz

Files for: Commodore Amiga
Hellowoon (1985)(ariola soft)(de)[cr blizzard][b]-amiga
Othello killer (1988)(ubi soft)(m3)[cr band]-amiga
Othello killer (1988)(ubi soft)(m3)[cr qtx]-amiga

Files for: Sharp x68000
Moritan othello v6 1 (1986)(morita kazurou)-x68000

Files for: Famicom disk system
Family computer othello (1986)(kawada)(j)-fds

Files for: Atari ST
Dma compil v1 3 (1994 10 23)(hello stghost)(ste)-atarist
Dma compil v2 (199x)(hello stghost)(ste)(disk 2 of 2)-atarist
Dma compil v2 (199x)(hello stghost)(ste)(disk 1 of 2)-atarist
Felix demo, the (19xx)(hello stghost)(ste)[b]-atarist
Hellowoon das geheimnis des zauberstabs (1987)(ariolasoft)(de)-atarist
Othello (19xx)(budgie uk)(lw)-atarist
Othello v1 02 (1994)(sinisalo, petri)(pd)-atarist

Files for: Commodore 16
Othello [a2]-commodore16
Othello [a]-commodore16
Othello +4 (genie)-commodore16
Zzz unk (abgetippt de)(game) othello [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (demo) hello nf [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) othello v2 2 [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) othello 2 [prg]-commodore16
Zzz unk (rulez) (game) othello neu [prg]-commodore16
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