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Daley thompsons star events (1985)(ocean)(side a)[g2111] 7 Kb
Daley thompsons star events (1985)(ocean)(side b) 6 Kb
Dame (1993)(wilds)(pd) 10 Kb
Dame (1993)(wilds)(pd)[docs] 6 Kb
Dangerous mission (1992)(moldi)(pd) 32 Kb
Dangerous pyramid (1984)(ama productions)(de) 8 Kb
Danger diamonds (1986)(computersoft jonigk) 3 Kb
Danger willi (1987)(potsch, michael)[cr kali ppcs] 7 Kb
Danger zone (1986)(codemasters) 5 Kb
Dark side, the (1991)(tarzan)(pd)[b] 43 Kb
Davids midnight magic (1987)( )[cr tppc] 24 Kb
Deathships (1993)(kuni)(pd) 33 Kb
Death race (1985)(atlantis software) 7 Kb
Death river (1986)(optyx software)[g1000] 5 Kb
Decstone (1992)(tgh)(pd) 34 Kb
Decton (1991)(tgh)(pd) 30 Kb
Deeper dungeon (19xx)(international education)(it) 8 Kb
Defender of the crown (1991)(sch)[p] 4 Kb
Defender of the crown (19xx)(sch + tmch)[p] 29 Kb
Demolition (1987)(anco)[cr bitsoft] 10 Kb
Demonok birodalma (1989)(novotrade)(hu)[cr ddt][t +1 ddt] 42 Kb
Demonok birodalma (1989)(novotrade)(hu)[cr ddt][t +1 ddt][intro] 21 Kb
Demonsdom (1991)(csm)(pd) 21 Kb
Destructor (1985)(bug byte) 4 Kb
Dex (1989)(novotrade)(hu)[cr tts][t +1 tts] 42 Kb
Dex ii (1990)(tts)(hu)(pd) 21 Kb
Diabolo (1985)(engel, jens) 5 Kb
Diagon (1984)(bug byte) 7 Kb
Diamantenfieber (1988)( )(de) 4 Kb
Diamond mine (1986)(blue ribbon software) 3 Kb
Diamond mine ii (1986)(blue ribbon software)[cr great byte ltd ] 7 Kb
Diamond town (1991)(terrorists)(hu)[b] 20 Kb
Die seefahrt (1989)(kingsoft)[cr obelix] 33 Kb
Digital ball (1989)(kosir, attila) 48 Kb
Digital ball (1989)(kosir, attila)[a] 45 Kb
Dingbat (1988)(mastertronic)[cr great byte ltd ] 8 Kb
Dingbat (1988)(mastertronic)[g3000] 7 Kb
Dirty den (1986)(probe software) 7 Kb
Dixi a megmento (1987)(kosir, attila)(hu)(pd) 5 Kb
Dizasterblaster (1987)(americana software) 6 Kb
Dizzy 3 (1992)(tgms)[f][p] 44 Kb
Dizzy 3 (1992)(tgms)[p] 39 Kb
Dizzy 4 (1992)(tgms)[p] 44 Kb
Dizzy dice (1988)(players) 7 Kb
Dizzy dice (1988)(players)[sys4136] 7 Kb
Dizzy prince of the yolkfolk (19xx)(tgms)[p] 46 Kb
Domingo (1989)(wolfsoft supertronic)(de) 5 Kb
Domino (1991)(tgms)(plus4)[p] 19 Kb
Dooly (1987)(falcon software)[t +1 coby] 8 Kb
Doomdarks revenge (19xx)(pigmy)[p] 30 Kb
Dorks dilemma (1985)(gremlin graphics) 8 Kb
Dorks dilemma (1985)(gremlin graphics)[m 25 levels roepipi] 8 Kb
Double blocks (1993)(tbc)(pd) 32 Kb
Driller (1990)(pigmy)(plus4)[f][p] 44 Kb
Driller (1990)(pigmy)(plus4)[p] 43 Kb
Droid one (1986)(bug byte) 7 Kb
Dudaorru patric (1989)(novotrade)(hu)[cr muffbusters] 27 Kb
Dudaorru patric (1989)(novotrade)(hu)[cr muffbusters][a] 24 Kb
Duotris (1992)(tycb)(plus4)(pd) 22 Kb
Dynamoid (1990)(csm) 31 Kb
Dynamoid (1990)(csm)[b] 31 Kb

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