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Baby berks (1985)(williams, jon) 4 Kb
Baby berks (1985)(williams, jon)[a] 5 Kb
Balloon shoot (1986)(markert, wolfgang)[b] 6 Kb
Ball (1996)(scorpions)(pd) 28 Kb
Ball x (1991)(tcfs)(pd) 36 Kb
Bandits at zero (1986)(mastertronic) 7 Kb
Barbarian (1990)(muffbusters)(plus4)[p] 45 Kb
Barbarian (1990)(sf)(plus4)[p] 33 Kb
Barbarian 3 (19xx)(terrorists)[p][b] 41 Kb
Baseball (19xx)( ) 8 Kb
Baseball (19xx)( )[a] 6 Kb
Battle (1987)(mastertronic) 6 Kb
Battle star (1987)(tynesoft computer software)(gb) 7 Kb
Beamphobia (1994 02 05)(gotu)(pd) 21 Kb
Berks (1985)(crl group) 7 Kb
Berks iii (1985)(crl group) 8 Kb
Bernat a nyomozo (1989)(novotrade)(hu) 10 Kb
Bigyulabolt (1985)(novotrade)(hu)[b] 8 Kb
Big apple (1988)(berger, guido) 6 Kb
Big mac (1986 10 01)(mastertronics) 6 Kb
Big mac (1986 10 01)(mastertronics)[a] 6 Kb
Bio invaders (19xx)(systems) 2 Kb
Black thunder (19xx)(braintron) 4 Kb
Blagger (1985)(alligata software) 7 Kb
Blaze (1985)(romik software) 6 Kb
Blitz 16 (1985)(cbm) 4 Kb
Blockout (19xx)(csory)[p] 25 Kb
Block memory (1997 05 11)(assassin)(pd) 25 Kb
Block shoot (19xx)(nst)(pd) 28 Kb
Blue angel (1991)(vortex)(pd) 24 Kb
Bmx simulator (1986)(codemasters) 11 Kb
Bmx simulator (1986)(codemasters)[cr n i k s ] 11 Kb
Bobby bearing (19xx)(plasma + ceekay)[p] 38 Kb
Bombjack (1986)(elite)(side a) 8 Kb
Bombjack (1986)(elite)(side b) 8 Kb
Bombjack ii (1986)(elite) 8 Kb
Bongo (1986)(anco) 9 Kb
Boogieball (19xx)(delta system)(pd) 16 Kb
Boogie woogie spiders (1986)(braintron) 6 Kb
Boogie woogie spiders (1986)(braintron)[a] 7 Kb
Boomber ii (1993)(delta system)(hu)(pd) 20 Kb
Booty (1986)(firebird)[sys4120] 7 Kb
Bosszu, a (19xx)(science fiction)(plus4)(hu)[p] 41 Kb
Boulder dash (1984)(first star software) 10 Kb
Boulder dash ii (1985)(first star software) 15 Kb
Bounder (1986)(gremlin graphics)[tr it] 7 Kb
Bowling (19xx)( ) 2 Kb
Brainfade (1992 02 01)(skull team)(pd) 35 Kb
Braintech (1995)(mayday software)[cr absence][b] 34 Kb
Break dance (1989)(a c softgroup)(hu)[cr headbanger crackers] 17 Kb
Break out construction kit (1988)(thomas bohlen) 5 Kb
Brians soccer (1987)(cds)(plus4) 15 Kb
Bridgehead legionnaire 2 (1986)(anco) 14 Kb
Bubble trouble (1986)(players) 6 Kb
Bubble trouble (1986)(players)[a] 6 Kb
Bubble works (1990)(tcfs)(pd) 30 Kb
Bugs bunny (1988)(kienberger, j ) 3 Kb
Burger house (1986)(ed foglia)(it) 6 Kb

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