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Ianbothamstestmatch 10 Kb
Icarus 25 Kb
Icehockey 6 Kb
Imogen 52 Kb
Imogen superior 55 Kb
Imogen tape 50 Kb
Impact 22 Kb
Impossiblemission 15 Kb
Indoorsoccer 14 Kb
Indoorsports 46 Kb
Inertia 18 Kb
Infinity 51 Kb
Ingridsback 214 Kb
Inheritance 12 Kb
Insearchofatahaulpa 19 Kb
Intergalactictrader 8 Kb
Internationalmegasports 36 Kb
Intruders 3 Kb
Inu 3 Kb
Islandadventure 10 Kb
Islandia 7 Kb
Islandofxaan 16 Kb
Itsmagic 32 Kb

abandoned places it came from the abandonware ring