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Caesarthecat 8 Kb
Camelot 15 Kb
Candyfloss 5 Kb
Canyon 8 Kb
Carnival 8 Kb
Carousel 8 Kb
Castleadventure 7 Kb
Castleassault blueribbon 6 Kb
Castleassault mrm 6 Kb
Castleblackstar 24 Kb
Castlefrankenstein v1 13 Kb
Castlefrankenstein v2 18 Kb
Castleofriddles 14 Kb
Castleofriddles withsavegame 15 Kb
Castleoftheskulllord electron 8 Kb
Castlequest 15 Kb
Castlequest demo 21 Kb
Caterpillar gemini 6 Kb
Caterpillar ijk 5 Kb
Cavemancapers 9 Kb
Cavey 9 Kb
Cellsandserpents 6 Kb
Centipede superior 5 Kb
Centipede wilsonsoft 9 Kb
Challenger 12 Kb
Challenger mastertronic 12 Kb
Champions 9 Kb
Chark 10 Kb
Chartchallenge88 107 Kb
Checkout 6 Kb
Chess acornsoft 10 Kb
Chess computerconcepts 9 Kb
Chess micropower 6 Kb
Chess micropower disk 6 Kb
Chess superior 10 Kb
Chicane 13 Kb
Chichenitza 21 Kb
Chieftain 7 Kb
Chipbuster 10 Kb
Cholo 37 Kb
Chrysalis 7 Kb
Chts cheatitagainjoe1 23 Kb
Chts cheatitagainjoe2 23 Kb
Chts cheatitagainjoe3 27 Kb
Chts cheatitagainjoe4 25 Kb
Chts easypoke 4 Kb
Chts pokesdisk issue1 17 Kb
Cht airlift extralives 6 Kb
Cht airwolf invulnerability 15 Kb
Cht alien8 variouspokes 17 Kb
Cht arcadians extralives levelselect 12 Kb
Cht arkanoid infinitelives 10 Kb
Cht arkanoid variouspokes 9 Kb
Cht aticatac invulnerability 19 Kb
Cht barbarian2 variouspokes 38 Kb
Cht blagger levelselect extralives newscreens 6 Kb
Cht blitzkrieg speedup invulnerability 9 Kb
Cht bmxonthemoon extralives 8 Kb
Cht boffin infinitelives levelselect 12 Kb
Cht bonecruncher variouspokes 44 Kb
Cht bouldercrash extralives 6 Kb
Cht boulderdash extralives 18 Kb
Cht bountybobstrikesback extralives levelselect 18 Kb
Cht breakthrough variouspokes 19 Kb
Cht castlequest extralives 13 Kb
Cht chuckieegg2 9 Kb
Cht chuckieegg chukee 11 Kb
Cht chuckieegg eggupgrade 12 Kb
Cht chuckieegg invulnerability 6 Kb
Cht citadel immortality 15 Kb
Cht citadel speed nokeys invulnerability 23 Kb
Cht citadel variouspokes 16 Kb
Cht codenamedroid variouspokes 21 Kb
Cht combatlynx variouspokes 17 Kb
Cht commando variouspokes 19 Kb
Cht crazytracer extralives extrajumps 7 Kb
Cht creepycave variouspokes 9 Kb
Cht cybertronmission extralives levelselect 8 Kb
Cht cylonattack invulnerability 19 Kb
Cht deathstar infinitelives 8 Kb
Cht defender ninelives 7 Kb
Cht demolator infinitelives 9 Kb
Cht dunerider variouspokes 7 Kb
Cht e00 camelot variouspokes 15 Kb
Cht e00 genesisproject invulnerability 13 Kb
Cht e00 microball blockedexits 6 Kb
Cht e00 spaceranger invulnerability 5 Kb
Cht elite editor 4 Kb
Cht elixir infinitelives megaspeed 20 Kb
Cht escapefrommoonbasealpha extraenergy 5 Kb
Cht etype variouspokes 24 Kb
Cht ewgeebez extralives 7 Kb
Cht exile cheatitagainjoecheat 47 Kb
Cht exile mapper 17 Kb
Cht exile microusercheatv22 80 Kb
Cht exile savegameeditor 4 Kb
Cht firetrack extralives 24 Kb
Cht firetrack infinitelives 25 Kb
Cht firetrack noenemycraft 24 Kb
Cht fortress variouspokes 12 Kb

abandoned places it came from the abandonware ring