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Sooper froot (e) 21 Kb
Sooty and sweep (e) 38 Kb
Southern belle (e) 21 Kb
Spaceball (e) 86 Kb
Space gun (e) 167 Kb
Space harrier (e) 55 Kb
Space harrier ii (e) 84 Kb
Space hunter (e) 44 Kb
Space pilot (e) 30 Kb
Space rider (e) 41 Kb
Space shuttle simulator (e) 31 Kb
Space trooper (e) 31 Kb
Space tunnel (e) 20 Kb
Space walk (e) 33 Kb
Speedball (e) 59 Kb
Speed king (e) 40 Kb
Speed zone (e) 14 Kb
Spellbound dizzy (e) 70 Kb
Spherical (e) 192 Kb
Spider and the fly (e) 15 Kb
Spikey in transylvania (e) 80 Kb
Spiky harold (e) 48 Kb
Spirates (e) 26 Kb
Spirit of the stones (e) 32 Kb
Spitfire (e) 47 Kb
Spitfire 40 (e) 178 Kb
Spitfire ace (e) 30 Kb
Spitting image (e) 53 Kb
Splat! (e) 23 Kb
Split personalities (e) 38 Kb
Spooks (e) 43 Kb
Spooky castle (e) 14 Kb
Spore (e) 38 Kb
Spys demise (e) 13 Kb
Spy hunter (e) 23 Kb
Spy strikes back, the (e) 18 Kb
Spy vs spy (e) 41 Kb
Spy vs spy iii arctic antics (e) 59 Kb
Spy vs spy ii the island caper (e) 51 Kb
Squirm (e) 26 Kb
Stack up (e) 54 Kb
Staff of karnath (e) 57 Kb
Starfire (e) 24 Kb
Starforce nova (e) 32 Kb
Starfox (e) 40 Kb
Starglider (e) 61 Kb
Starion (e) 46 Kb
Starquake (e) (burner) 43 Kb
Starquake (e) (invade a load!) 50 Kb
Starray (e) 57 Kb
Starship andromeda (e) 188 Kb
Star control (e) 42 Kb
Star league baseball (e) 27 Kb
Star lifter (e) 29 Kb
Star race (e) 21 Kb
Star raiders ii (e) 44 Kb
Star trek the rebel universe (e) 69 Kb
Star wars (e) 43 Kb
Star wars empire strikes back, the (e) 51 Kb
Steel (e) 47 Kb
Steel eagle (e) 70 Kb
Steg the slug (e) 88 Kb
Steigar (e) 41 Kb
Stellar 7 (e) 38 Kb
Stellar dodger (e) 17 Kb
Stellar wars (e) 34 Kb
Steve davis snooker (e) 24 Kb
Sting 64 (e) 32 Kb
Stix (e) 18 Kb
Stop the express (e) 22 Kb
Stormlord (e) 94 Kb
Storm (e) 33 Kb
Storm warrior (e) 46 Kb
Strangeloop (e) 53 Kb
Street beat (e) 47 Kb
Street cred football (e) 46 Kb
Street fighter (u) 116 Kb
Street fighter ii (e) 304 Kb
Street gang (e) 98 Kb
Street hassle (e) 56 Kb
Street sports baseball (e) 83 Kb
Street sports basketball (e) 92 Kb
Street surfer (e) 42 Kb
Street warriors (e) 44 Kb
Strider (e) 73 Kb
Strider ii (e) 65 Kb
Strike force cobra (e) 46 Kb
Strike force harrier (e) 38 Kb
Strontium dog (e) 31 Kb
Stuntman seymour (e) 68 Kb
Stunt bike simulator (e) 35 Kb
Stun runner (e) 60 Kb
Subbuteo (e) 39 Kb
Subterranea (e) 49 Kb
Subway vigilante (e) 48 Kb
Sub battle simulator (e) 51 Kb
Sub hunt (e) 29 Kb
Sub hunt 64 (e) 29 Kb
Suicide express (e) 34 Kb
Suicide strike (e) 27 Kb

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