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Saboteur (e) 43 Kb
Saboteur ii (e) 38 Kb
Sacred armour of antiriad, the (e) 47 Kb
Sailing (e) 57 Kb
Saint & greavsie (e) 111 Kb
Saint dragon (e) 96 Kb
Salamander (e) 130 Kb
Samurai warrior the battles of usagi yojimbo (e) 65 Kb
Santas christmas caper (e) 76 Kb
Sanxion (e) 61 Kb
Sas combat simulator (e) 66 Kb
Satan (e) 114 Kb
Savage (e) 161 Kb
Scalextric (e) 35 Kb
Scarabaeus (e) 51 Kb
Scare bear (e) 36 Kb
Scary monsters (e) 53 Kb
Scooby doo (e) 44 Kb
Scorpion ii (e) 18 Kb
Scorpius (e) 69 Kb
Scout (e) 42 Kb
Scramble 64 (e) 21 Kb
Scramble spirits (e) 58 Kb
Scrolls of abadon, the (e) 27 Kb
Scuba dive (e) 40 Kb
Scumball (e) 44 Kb
Seabase delta (e) 58 Kb
Secret diary of adrian mole, the (e) 218 Kb
Sentinel, the (e) 44 Kb
Sentinel (e) 45 Kb
Sergeant seymour robotcop (e) 81 Kb
Seymour goes to hollywood (e) 77 Kb
Se kaa of assiah (e) 63 Kb
Shackled (e) 50 Kb
Shadowfax (e) 24 Kb
Shadowfire (e) 54 Kb
Shadow dancer (e) 241 Kb
Shadow skimmer (e) 45 Kb
Shadow warriors (e) 81 Kb
Shamus (e) 28 Kb
Shanghai (e) 22 Kb
Shanghai karate (e) 105 Kb
Shanghai warriors (e) 49 Kb
Shaolins road (e) 39 Kb
Shard of inovar (e) 69 Kb
Shark (e) 60 Kb
Shinobi (e) 93 Kb
Shirley muldowneys top fuel challenge (e) 37 Kb
Shogun (e) 52 Kb
Short circuit (e) 60 Kb
Sidearms + hyper dyne (e) 114 Kb
Sidearms + hyper dyne (e) (2 sides) 114 Kb
Sidewinder ii (e) 56 Kb
Sidewize (e) 55 Kb
Siege (e) 17 Kb
Sigma seven (e) 46 Kb
Silent service (e) 53 Kb
Silkworm (e) 49 Kb
Siren city (e) 46 Kb
Skateboard joust (e) 42 Kb
Skate rock (e) 37 Kb
Skate wars (e) 45 Kb
Skatin usa (e) 29 Kb
Skel (e) 16 Kb
Skool daze (e) 39 Kb
Skramble (e) (anirog) 49 Kb
Skramble (e) (rabbit) 45 Kb
Skyfox (e) 94 Kb
Skyjet (e) 42 Kb
Sky high stuntman (e) 76 Kb
Slaine (e) 44 Kb
Slamball (e) 28 Kb
Slap fight (e) 59 Kb
Sleepwalker (e) (ocean) 302 Kb
Sleepwalker (e) (zeppelin games) 74 Kb
Slightly magic (e) 63 Kb
Slimeys mine (e) 56 Kb
Slug (e) 34 Kb
Slurpy (e) 50 Kb
Sly spy secret agent (e) 309 Kb
Smash tv (e) 82 Kb
Smuggler (e) 60 Kb
Snake pit (e) 7 Kb
Snap dragon (e) 38 Kb
Snare (e) 28 Kb
Snoball in hell (e) 34 Kb
Snooker (e) 25 Kb
Snowmen (e) 25 Kb
Snow queen, the (e) 76 Kb
Soccer boss (e) 25 Kb
Soccer challenge (e) 29 Kb
Soccer pinball (e) 72 Kb
Soccer supremo (e) 18 Kb
Soldier of fortune (e) 56 Kb
Solomons key (e) 37 Kb
Solo flight (e) (novaload) 57 Kb
Solo flight (e) (rom) 58 Kb
Sonic boom (e) 74 Kb
Son of blagger (e) (chr) 21 Kb
Son of blagger (e) (rom) 52 Kb

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