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Race, the (e) 45 Kb
Rad ramp racer (e) 33 Kb
Raging beast (e) 47 Kb
Raid on bungeling bay (e) 40 Kb
Raid over moscow (e) 50 Kb
Rainbow dragon (e) 50 Kb
Rainbow warrior (e) 239 Kb
Rally cross (e) 76 Kb
Rally simulator (e) 57 Kb
Rambo (e) 57 Kb
Rambo iii (e) 244 Kb
Rampage (e) (activision) (hit load) 42 Kb
Rampage (e) (activision) (wildsave) 78 Kb
Rampage (e) (ocean) 54 Kb
Ramparts (e) 41 Kb
Ranarama (e) 31 Kb
Ransack (e) 45 Kb
Rapid fire (e) 32 Kb
Rasputin (e) 52 Kb
Rastan (e) 117 Kb
Rasterscan (e) 32 Kb
Rattler (e) 26 Kb
Raw recruit (e) 53 Kb
Realm! (e) 16 Kb
Real ghostbusters, the (e) 247 Kb
Real stunt experts, the (e) 43 Kb
Rebel (e) 40 Kb
Rebel planet (e) 53 Kb
Reckless rufus (e) 44 Kb
Redhawk (e) 76 Kb
Red heat (e) 70 Kb
Red led (e) 43 Kb
Red max (e) 66 Kb
Red moon (e) 46 Kb
Renaissance (e) 22 Kb
Renegade (e) 50 Kb
Renegade iii the final chapter (e) 163 Kb
Rescue on fractalus! (e) 46 Kb
Return of the mutant camels (e) 58 Kb
Return to eden (e) 47 Kb
Return to oz (e) 35 Kb
Revelation (e) 75 Kb
Revenge of the mutant camels (e) 27 Kb
Re bounder (e) 49 Kb
Rick dangerous (e) 54 Kb
Rick dangerous ii (e) 103 Kb
Ricochet (e) 47 Kb
Rik the roadie (e) 19 Kb
Risk (e) 49 Kb
River raid (e) 67 Kb
River rescue (e) 7 Kb
Roadwars (e) 43 Kb
Road blasters (e) 103 Kb
Road runner (e) 118 Kb
Road runner and wile e coyote (e) 42 Kb
Robin of the wood (e) 49 Kb
Robin smiths international cricket (e) 26 Kb
Robin to the rescue (e) 26 Kb
Robocop (e) 142 Kb
Robozone (e) 95 Kb
Rocket ball (e) 51 Kb
Rocket roger (e) 27 Kb
Rockn wrestle (e) 66 Kb
Rocky horror show, the (e) 40 Kb
Rock n bolt (e) 24 Kb
Rodland (e) 101 Kb
Rollaround (e) 39 Kb
Rollerball (e) 31 Kb
Rollercoaster rumbler (e) 63 Kb
Rolling thunder (e) 39 Kb
Rollin (e) 66 Kb
Ronald rubberduck (e) 19 Kb
Round the bend! (e) 73 Kb
Roy of the rovers (e) 89 Kb
Rubicon (e) 229 Kb
Ruff and reddy in the space adventure (e) 65 Kb
Rugby boss (e) 19 Kb
Rugby the world cup (e) 58 Kb
Running man, the (e) 106 Kb
Run for gold (e) 46 Kb
Rygar (e) 35 Kb
R b i baseball 2 (e) 98 Kb
R i s k rapid intercept seek and kill (e) 56 Kb
R type (e) 155 Kb

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