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Here are some answers to basic questions you might have, most of these are about issues with the site itself. Don't expect to find a detailed manual about what to do with the files here as I expect you to know this. If you don't then it's better to find a different site with more detailed information about such things, there's plenty of them out there.

Filenames and descriptions

Filenames and descriptions can occasionally seem strange but this is due to the fact that the games are served on a as-is basis. Checking out all files and what they contain would simply be too timeconsuming for this site to exists.

There are some guidelines to help you though:
- a + with a number (ie. +3) usually means it comes with a trainer that has 3 options.
- if there is a name after the game name then it's usually either the creators of the game or the group that hacked it. There is no way to verify which of the two it really is unless you start the game itself.
- some games have extra information in brackets () or []
- some games or roms are different per region, the region in question is usually shown between brackets like this (USA) for US games. Other countries you can encounter are (J) Japan, (E) or (EU) Europe, (U) no region, (SP)Spain and (G) or (D) German. These are not always correctly printed though and sometimes (U) means (USA).
- Sometimes different versions of games are released or re-released, usually the version numbers are shown.
- Files that are verified to be good usually have a [!] added to the name.
- Other codes can be [a] for alternative, [o] overdump which might or might not work and [b] for bad. There are others but these are the main ones.


Downloading files is simple but there are some rules and restrictions.

- When at the downloading screen left-click the download button to download games. Don't right-click it and select saveas because it doesn't work.
- Download managers may or may not work but I suggest you don't because most files aren't very large anyway.
- There are no restrictions but the bandwith of the site is limited so take that into account.

All these are necessary because people are still link-stealing meaning they simply put a link on their site linking to another site's files saving them bandwith but increasing the other site's bandwith without actual visitors.

Zipped files

All files you download here are zipped meaning they are compressed to save space as well as lowering the amount of time it takes to download. Some emulators can directly play games without the need for unzipping them but in the event they don't you have to unzip them, the most well known program for this is probably Winzip. There are other more powerfull programs out there but since zip-files are the most common that is the format the games are in.

abandoned places it came from the abandonware ring